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We carry an extensive line of paper packaging materials. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

  • PAPERplus

    PAPERplus is an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional bubble and foam wrap. The patented PAPERplus system from Storopack fashions two sheets of kraft paper into a protective mattress, that is used to secure products during shipping. Upon removal, the PAPERplus material can be reused or recycled.

  • Kraft Paper Rolls

    Corrugated rolls are excellent as an industrial look retail wrapping paper, low cost industrial padding, and packing. Also for separating items, wrapping cylindrical shapes, protecting cabinets and furniture. Use for cushion wrapping, box liners, box pads and cut-to-size dividers. Flute size is indicated by letters: “A” flute is the largest,1/4″ thick, and provides extra cushioning and shock absorbency. “B” flute is smaller, 1/16″ thick, and provides extra durability and crush resistance.

    Additional Information

    • Low cost, all purpose packaging material
    • Wrapping:Cover boxes, books and parts to protect against scratches.
    • Cushioning:Use as an economical void fill for shipping.
    • 100% recycled
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