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Machine Stretch Film

Self-adhering machine stretch film is a cost-effective way to wrap pallet loads ensuring safe and secure shipment delivery. It protects shipments from water, dirt and damage caused by excessive movement. Stretch Film features ease of application, load-securing effectiveness, and reduced warehouse labor and banding equipment and materials cost. We offer everything from convenience and dispenser films to the industry’s most technologically advanced machine and specialty films. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

  • Cast Machine Stretch Film

    Quality cast machine stretch film comes off the roll smoothly and quietly.

    Cling can be oriented to one or both sides of the film.

    Additional Information

    • Ultra clear film makes bar codes easy to read
    • Use to secure uniform loads
    • Stretches up to 250%
    • Substantially reduces warehouse noise
    • For use on all stretch film equipment
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  • Blown Machine Stretch Film

    Quality Blown machine stretch film in machine length rolls.

    Additional Information

    • Blown film is strong and puncture resistant
    • Great for use on irregular loads
    • Can be used on any stretch machine
    • Excellent cling properties. Film only sticks to itself, not your products
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