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Hoists & Trolleys

RMH Systems work with superior manufacturers like R&M and Harrington to bring you top quality overhead industrial hoists. Choose from a wide selection of electric hoists, manual hoists, push trollies, hand geared trollies, manual lever puller, lever hoists and more. Find a solution that fits your company’s unique lifting needs. Our products are made to last, with designs that consistently deliver results. Lift your productivity with the equipment it takes to achieve more.

Hoists are lifting and pulling devices that use some form of line to move or lift a load. Industrial hoists are primarily used for vertical lifting.  There are a number of standard specs to keep in mind when selecting a hoist for an application, such: as load capacity, lift length, maximum lift speed, and whether a pulley block is needed.  We can provide any hoist solution for your application including:

Electric chain hoists
Air powered chain hoists
Manual chain hoists
Trolley and wire rope hoists
Heavy capacity

For custom hoist solutions, contact us.

Our Vendors
We are proud distributors of Harrington and R&M hoist equipment.

  • R&M Electric Chain Hoists

    LoadMate® R&M LoadMate Hoists are designed to maximize productivity with fast installation, easy operation and built-in durability. The compact design provides low headroom and allows close trolley approaches. R&’s advanced design and manufacturing techniques ensure safe operation, consistent quality and longer component life. It adds up to exceptional value — hoist equipment that saves on maintenance, repair and downtime costs over its lifetime. Choose (1-5) ton electric chain hoists that your business can count on.

  • Electric Powered Chain Hoists

    Harrington’s electric chain hoists are equipped with the latest technology in the market today. All models include a low headroom, lightweight body with a fan-cooled motor, standard thermal motor protection and a count hour meter for preventive maintenance.


  • Air Powered Chain Hoists

    Harrington’s air chain hoists are market tested and proven to be durable and easily repairable. These high-performance hoists have all of the power required for lifting very heavy material and are the ideal choice for extreme applications including mines, shipyards, heavy construction, rigging situation and the petrochemical industry.

  • Manual Chain Hoists

    Harrington’s manual hoists combine easy operation with a compact, low headroom design that easily handles real-world demands. Rated the number 1 selling hoist in the U.S., these hoists can be used horizontally, vertically, inverted or at any other load angle and have the strength to get the job done.

    manual chain hoist


  • Powered Wire Rope Hoists – Electric

    Our trolley hoists combine world class RHN wire rope hoists with a customized trolley. This configuration raises the position of the hoist hook up between the crane girders allowing for the highest vertical lift within a building.


  • Complete Crane Systems

    These complete cranes are built for the most demanding applications. Top running complete cranes are suitable for use on ASCE crane rail or square bard and all include unique side guide rollers that significantly reduce friction providing for a smooth crane travel. Our complete cranes meets all the current industry and regulatory codes.

    complete crane system

  • Trolleys

    We offer a number of trolley options whether geared or manual.  From 1/2 ton to 40 ton capacity, we’ve can get you rolling.



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