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Hand Stretch Film

Stretch film features ease of application, load-securing effectiveness, and reduced warehouse labor and banding equipment and materials cost. We offer everything from convenience and dispenser films to the industry’s most technologically advanced machine and specialty films. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

  • Hand Bundling Film

    Hand bundling film is faster and more economical to use than tape, strapping or twine.

    Additional Information

    • Stretch film clings to itself. No tape needed.
    • Stretch film will not leave a residue on products.
    • One Plastic dispenser in included in each case.
    • Plastic dispenser can be used with 3 inch or 5 inch. Narrow width bundling stretch film.
    • Quality quiet cast stretch film
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  • Goodwrapper Hand Film

    These light weight easy-to-use products come complete with film supply, built-in handles and flexible handbrakes. No assembly or extra parts required. The hand brakes protect the operator’s hands from friction heat. Without the pain from friction heat, the operator squeezes more for maximum film stretch – getting the tightest – most secure wrap possible.

    Once done with the film supply, throw out the core and hand brakes and grab another roll. GOODWRAPPERS offers 4 sizes for pallet unitization – 15″, 18″, 20″ and 30″. Available in a variety of thicknesses (50 gauge to 200 gauge) GOODWRAPPERS HANDWRAPPERS is manufactured in both cast and blown films.

  • Hand Stretch Film

    Self-adhering hand stretch film is a cost-effective way to wrap pallet loads ensuring safe and secure shipment delivery. It protects shipments from water, dirt and damage caused by excessive movement.

    Additional Information

    • Wrap pallet loads to ensure safe and secure delivery
    • Self-adhering-each layer of film bonds to the next for added
    • Protects shipments from water, dirt and damage caused by excess movement
    • We carry Cast and Blown hand Films in a variety of lengths and thicknesses
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