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  • FOAMplus®

    The FOAMplus® Bagpacker is a foam-in-bag system. Fill up to 23 bags per minute to pre-form foam packaging materials in a mold, or to place directly into the shipping carton. The FOAMplus® Handpacker works with a hand-held gun to dispense foam directly into the shipping carton or into a wooden mold using a liner.

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    FOAMplus® Universal Foam - Experience superior product protection with substantial savings and source reduction from our broad application higher-yielding Universal Foam.

    Available in two densities, Standard and Medium, FOAMplus Universal Foam lowers your damage costs with better compression per square inch, plus it nearly doubles in volume providing 44% savings on material cost. In addition, the lighter weight saves on shipping costs. Because it protects an expanded range of product weights up to 100 lbs., Universal Foam may be the only foam packaging product you need to have around.

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