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Dunnage Void Fill

We carry many products to stabilize your valuable products while in transit and minimize the potential damage to the transportation shipments. These products are designed to satisfy multiple customer requirements for securing freight and protecting products of all shapes and sizes � saving you time and money with your shipping and receiving needs. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

  • Corrugated Void Fill

    Corrugated drop down void fillers are designed to fill lateral voids in rail transportation, and motor carrier and ocean shipping container. The void fillers are used to prevent the side movement and lateral shifting of one or more pallets of freight in containers loaded with light weight freight.

    These uniquely designed drop down void fillers are available in many sizes.

  • Air Dunnage Bags

    Air Dunnage bags are constructed of multiple layers of high strength paper and can be used for one-way or multiple trip applications. Tough, dependable air Dunnage Bags are the cost effective and convenient way to protect your cargo.

    Additional Information

    • Reduce or eliminate damage to products in transit
    • Withstands tons of pressure for outstanding load stabilizing capacity
    • Don't just stabilize loads - immobilize them
    • Reusable Valve Design - Deflation is easy and does not require extra tools
    • Convenient Filling System - Compatible with standard air supply
    • Variety of sizes and strengths available
    • Recyclable
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