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Die Cutting

After the master skin, blister or thermoformed package is formed and sealed, the individual packages may need to be separated. This is typically done with diecutting machinery, and this can be a roller or a press-type of cutter. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

Our Vendors
Feel free to visit Ampack Packaging and Zed Industries for additional specifications and details.

  • STP Hydraulic Die Cutter

    The ZED Industries STP die cutter is designed for trimming skin pack cards, sheets of blisters, thermoformed parts, and with the proper options, SEAL & TRIM applications can be performed. The STP resolves issues typically encountered with roller die cutters: no more smashed dies, warped plates, etc. and no more constant maintenance and repairs – bearing replacement, guide rollers, transmission components, etc. The self-contained hydraulic system ensures evenly distributed pressure over the entire cutting die, which provides a precise cut and greatly extends the life of the trim die.

    Additional Information

    • Hydraulics provide precise cuts
    • Extends life of trim die
    • Greatly reduces maintenance and repairs
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  • Rotomatic Automatic Die Cutter

    The Ampak Rotomatic Automatic Die Cutter boasts quick, accurate automatic operation that provide cleaner cuts with less pressure and extend die life.

    Additional Information

    • Bi-Flex cutting principle concentrates cutting force between pressure rollers
    • 6" diameter rigid steel pressure rollers
    • Heavy duty self-aligning roller bearings
    • Automatic pneumatic chase opening and closing
    • Calibrated adjustment for roll height and cutting pressure
    • 2 H.P. stationary motor drive and single direction chain drive
    • Chase interlock switches
    • Double safety start switches
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