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Case Packers- Automatic

RMH Systems has a number of solutions for automatic case packing.  Case packers can quickly pay for themselves by reducing labor, increasing throughput and streamlining your packaging lines. There are many types of packers based on product, case style and speeds.

We are proud vendors of Wexxar/Bel, Combi, and Brenton automatic case formers.  We are also a new tier-1 distributor of FANUC Robotics.  Please contact our sales team for additional specifications.

  • Dual Indexing Case Packer

    With this system the case blanks are picked by vacuum from the 6’ horizontal magazine. Two cases are set-up simultaneously and indexed to two loading stations. After the two cases are loaded, they are indexed to have the minor flaps plowed and tucked closed, and the cases continue to and through the compression stations.


  • Small Footprint Case Packer

    This case packer is a low-cost, top loading case packer. The case packing equipment features a small footprint, rugged and reliable construction, and easy-to-use color interface.


  • Mechanical Case Packer

    The Mach-1 case packer provides customers with a flexible alternative to upgrade their manual low speed hand pack operations. The Mach-1 case packer was designed to occupy similar floor space on the packaging line as hand pack operations, with the added benefit of fully automatic performance.


  • Top Load Case Packer

    This top load case packer is a good solution for contract packers, specialty product makers, limited time offers and new product launches. This solution is ideal for anyone facing the dilemma of adding to their labor expense or investing capital in more throughput than they really need.

    top load case packer

  • Continuous Motion Case Packer

    The BrentonPro Series Mach-3 case packer is all-servo driven and utilizes continuous motion in all sections of the machine for improved product stability; the case never stops moving from erecting to discharging the case. Environmental impact of packaging operations is minimized through the appropriate use of electronic and servo drives, resulting in less wasted energy and product and packaging materials.


  • Robotic Case Packers

    Our robotic case packers achieve operational efficiencies through the compact footprint, space flexibility, and unsurpassed up-time.  Robotic assets can accommodate a wide range of sizes and product types including cartons, pouches, cans, bottles, etc.


  • Horizontal Loading System

    A horizontal case packing solution works extremely well for round products that pack better when laying horizontally and products that tip over easily when standing on end. This loader is versatile, accommodating a wide range of products and pack patterns on the same system.

    combi horizontal

  • Pick and Place Case Packing System

    We offer pick and place packing solutions for a wide range of products packed in multiple layers. The Alphapack and SPP case packers can accommodate products in flexible bags to chipboard cartons to rigid containers or any product that requires special handling or orientation.

    Combi pick and place

  • High Speed Drop Packer

    This Combi case packer has been enhanced with a higher level of efficiency.  Integrated into the frame of this state-of-the-art drop packer is the efficient Combi 2-EZ®HS high speed case erector.

    Combi cp1

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