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Automated Guided Vehicles and Carts

RMH Systems provides Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Automatic Guided Carts (AGCs), Sorting Transfer Vehicles (STVs) and ergonomic level carts. From manufacturing to warehousing to food and beverage, these AGV vehicles and carts can increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve ergonomics for nearly any company in any industry, including the automotive, distribution and manufacturing.

STVs can be used to move loads of all sizes in a warehouse and as a sorting tool for goods coming out of storage and heading to shipping. Ergonomic level carts are designed to decrease carrying, loading and unloading time, as well as ease labor by eliminating bending to retrieve loads.

  • Automatic Guided Vehicle

    With decades of experience and thousands of installations, we are the leader in providing Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for sale. From manufacturing to warehousing to food and beverage, Daifuku North America’s AGVs, Automatic Guided Carts (AGCs) and Automatic Storage/Retrieval Vehicles (AS/RV) can increase productivity, while reducing operating costs for nearly any company in any industry. Our Automatic Guided Vehicle systems work around-the-clock making continuous flow and just-in-time delivery easier to achieve.

    As a pioneer in the development of AGV and AGC technology, Daifuku North America offers one of the most advanced selections of standard and customized AGVs, as well as every type of guidance including laser, inertial and magnetic tape. Our wide selection enables us to provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient solution that meets your needs. Also, Webb was the first to develop an automatic trailer loading vehicle, SmartLoader. Designed to handle all types of shipping and receiving applications, SmartLoader can load and unload trailers, as well as stack pallets 24/7. And, our heavy-duty AGVs can move the heaviest of loads, including steel plates, paper rolls and aluminum coils.

  • Automatic Trailer Loading Vehicle SmartLoader

    SmartLoader is an automatic storage and retrieval vehicle that can move loads to and from palletizers, automated storage & retrieval systems, staging areas, as well as any conventional over-the-road trailer. If automatic trailer unloading is your objective, SmartLoader can also remove loads from a trailer and deliver them anywhere in your warehouse 24/7.

    Equipped with LADAR technology, this automatic trailer loading vehicle dynamically adapts to each trailer, so you don’t have to worry about making trailer modifications. This revolutionary technology allows you to pick up pallets and stack them with pinpoint accuracy in a variety of configurations as well as optimize trailer space by placing loads at the end of the trailer.

    Additionally, SmartLoader can be integrated with other Daifuku North America technology such as a SmartCart, Daifuku North America’s Automatic Guided Cart, and an Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS) to improve efficiency in your warehouse or distribution center. SmartLoader helps industries from food and beverage to durable goods reduce labor and operation costs while optimizing productivity and inventory control.

  • Engine Marriage Vehicle

    Daifuku North America’s on-board assembly Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are the new standard for streamlining chassis assembly and chassis-to-body marriage operations.

    Current applications support complete sub-assembly build up as well as brake fill and test operations prior to chassis/body marriage.

    A rugged design provides a flexible platform for guide-path system changes and model year changeover plans.

  • Heavy-Duty Automatic Guided Vehicle

    From 50-ton steel coils to 25-ton jumbo paper rolls to 60-ton semi trailers, Daifuku North America has the heavy-duty Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) that can meet your needs. Webb is the industry leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing heavy payload AGVs for applications where a standard vehicle is just not enough. We have supplied more heavy-duty AGVs than all of our competitors combined. We are the industry leader in providing heavy-duty AGVs that can transfer and move loads up to 125 tons, or 250,000 pounds, both indoors and out. These enormous vehicles are custom-built to your specifications and can move any heavy material including dies and paint, ingots, casks, parent rolls of paper, and aluminum or steel coils, as well as over-sized containers, fixtures or parts.

    Daifuku North America provides a full-range of guidance technology including inertial, laser, magnetic tape and wire guidance to ensure that you receive the best possible product for your application.

  • Level Cart

    Daifuku North America’s ergonomic level cart design decreases carrying, loading and unloading time and eases labor as stooping and bending to retrieve loads from the cart are eliminated. Even as loads are removed from the cart the height of the table cart does not change. Items remain at an ergonomically comfortable 770mm (30.31 in.). The consistent or level feature of Daifuku North America’s cart provides a dual purpose as it can be used as a work or stock table when not being used to transport items.

  • SmartCart

    Cost-effective Automatic Guided Cart provides optimal flexibility for moving materials around your manufacturing facility or warehouse

    SmartCart® Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) is a flexible and cost-effective Automatic Guided Vehicle or AGV that is guided by magnetic tape, which allows you to quickly install or modify the guidepath in as little as a few hours. SmartCart AGCs are ideal for moving products on an assembly line or transporting goods throughout a plant or warehouse. Because they’re automatic and durable, SmartCarts provide reliable and consistent point-to-point movement of everything from small parts to heavy pallets.

    For assembly operations, SmartCarts can be customized with a load handling carrier or a scissor lift to meet your specific needs. They also can form a continuous moving line where an unlimited number of SmartCarts remain synchronized at a close distance, while traveling at a slow speed.

    For warehouses and distribution centers, SmartCart offers a wide range of tuggers, which can tow loads anywhere from 60 pounds to 6,000 pounds. SmartCart also includes options for a single or dual roller conveyor AGC, which is useful for delivering pallets (as large as 48″) to and from roller conveyor systems. In addition, the counterbalanced fork SmartCart is perfect for picking up and dropping off pallets from conveyors, stretch wrappers or the floor.

  • Sorting Transfer Vehicle (STV)

    Daifuku North America’s Sorting Transfer Vehicle (STV®) is a fast, flexible and easily installed material transport system. STV®s can be used to move loads of all sizes in a warehouse. For example, a STV® may be used as a sorting tool for goods coming out of storage and heading to shipping. STV®features sorting and collecting capabilities for multiple AS/RS aisle conveyor stations. It enables picking by order line and sorting by destination to one location.

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