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Air Pillows

We carry an extensive line of air pillows. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

  • Air Pillows

    One of our most popular cushioning products is AIRplus airpillows. This system creates air pillows on demand, and provides clean, dust-free packaging with reduced floor space, maintenance and shipping damage.

    The System
    The AIRplus® system, using rolls of special film, creates strong air pillows of varying sizes. With its low cost, lightweight, and flexibility this is the clear-cut choice for a wide range of packaging needs.

    The Product
    Whether used for interior cushioning or simply void fill, AIRplus® pillows will ensure that your product reaches its destination without damage. AIRplus® Packaging is clean, dust free, reusable, recyclable and produced on demand.

    The Equipment
    The equipment is compact and portable; the AIRplus® system can be used in most locations. The equipment is durable, and easy to install, with a simple control panel making it easy to operate, putting you back in control of your packaging product needs.

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