Customization That Equal Savings


Company Description

This case study details a privately-owned Nebraska ham processor specializing in deboning hams for packers, further processors and export customers. The facility has been in operations since 1983, and has been providing quality pork products to customers throughout the world. The company debones more that 1 million pounds of bone-in hams per day.


The customer needed a durable system that would accurately weigh the product, be able to send that weight to a printer down the line and apply the correct label to the product. More importantly, the system needed to be able to handle being in a harsh environment with fluctuating temperatures, hot water and high-pressure wash downs.

RMH Systems Solution

Knowing that RMH Systems has a long-standing reputation of being one of the most experienced and largest material handling, industrial scale and packaging distributors in the Midwest, this company turned to RMH Systems and sales engineer Reese Blount to be their solution provider. After listening to the customer’s needs and budget constraints, we were able to work with our in-house system integrators and programmers to provide a customized scale/conveyor solution that consisted of an Avery Weigh-Tronix E1310 programmable indicator and Diamond Series bench scale base, Hytrol conveyor, custom stainless steel support frame and custom controls and control panel.


Because RMH Systems experts teamed up to create a custom product, the ham processor was able to get a custom integrated system, with the ability to expand, which met their unique needs.

In addition, the company was able to save over 40% cost compared to other off-the-shelf competing products.