Building a Better Egg

Company Description

RMH Systems helps one of the largest egg processors in the Midwest deliver a more efficient, accurate and better egg.


The processor faced a challenge in ensuring reliable date codes were printed on the retail carton. Given the size of the egg processor, volume of orders and the multiple distribution channels the mechanical date stamp mechanisms were the culprit of a significant loss of productivity.

The primary challenge was downtime due to equipment repairs and time-consuming updates to their current contact printing stamp process. These mechanical daters required human touch on a daily basis and when printing – had to touch each carton.

RMH Systems Solution

After assessing the issues of this egg processor, RMH Systems met with key personnel of the company to discuss options that would increase productivity and provide a reliable cost-effective solution for their need. By implementing high resolution, large volume ink jet printers this egg processor could be ensured improved efficiency, accuracy and more importantly readable codes on each carton. Print information is changed via remote controllers, and date/time/shift/expiration information is updated automatically.


For this large egg processor, time spent changing messages was reduced drastically and downtime due to repairs have virtually disappeared.