Crane Reduces Labor Costs, Improves Safety for Canadian Powder Coating Company

Company Description

A Canadian powder coating company that primarily focuses on the agricultural industry and also powder coats materials used in the oil field, medical and automotive industries. Grain bin foundations were loaded onto a powder coating line. This was accomplished using two men who were required to lift the bin foundations onto the line with a forklift. The foundation gets cleaned, powder coated, and dried and then is removed from the line.


This was a slow labor intensive process. Enviro-Tech was looking to increase the speed of the line, reduce potential for physical injury and make the loading and unloading safer for the employee.

RMH Systems Solution

Now grain bin foundations are loaded onto the powder coating line using the Gorbel G-Force. The bin foundation is lifted from a stack and then hung on hooks suspending the product as it goes through the line. At the end of the line the product is removed from the hooks and stacked using the same G-Force handling device.


The loading and unloading of product isn’t the choke point of the operation anymore and the labor requirements are half of what they were previous to installing the G-Force.