Fortune 500 Ag Company Maximizes Workspace

Company Description:
A Fortune 500 agricultural company located in the Midwest partners with RMH Systems to maximize their current workspace.

The company lacked the linear space to store 8,400 different SKUs within one building. The company needed to maximize their efficiencies in a relatively small footprint and maintain optimal productivity.

The company required a solution that would allow them to easily store and pick multiple SKUs of the same product within limited space and budget.

RMH Systems Solution:
RMH Systems provided a customized 3-level mezzanine and storage rack solution based on the basic building design that allowed the company to maximize their current workspace to meet the storage demand.

The integration of a 3,000 lb. capacity material lift allowed the company to deliver full pallets to the various levels. Additionally, the use of customized pallet rack, in lieu of traditional shelving, accommodated the concentrated loads and provided an economical storage solution. Once completed the system would maximize pick efficiency with little risk of storage equipment damage.

The RMH System team completed the project on time and within budget, allowing the company to make full and effective use of the facility. As a result, the customer wanted to start the Phase II addition the same week Phase I was completed.