Material Handling Solutions That Improve Floor Space, Productivity and Safety

We sat down with Jack Boatman, sales manager of M3 Fabrication. When Jack and M3 Fab needed to create floor space, organize their work space, and make their operation safer and more efficient, they knew who to trust.


M3 Fabrication; M3 Fab services include laser cutting, CNC sawing, CNC forming, tube bending, powder coating, and 3D modeling.


Bloomfield, Iowa


Manufacturing (steel fabrication & powder coating)


M3 Fab built a new 11,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the spring of 2014. RMH was asked to provide solutions for efficiently handling and storing various forms of steel, including bar stock, tubular and flat sheet steel. M3 Fab also needed more efficient ways to navigate products in and out of the work areas.

RMH Systems Solution

We asked Jack, “Why did you and M3 decide to go with RMH Systems to help you solve these problems?”

Jack’s response: “The sales team at RMH is full of industry experts. They know what they are doing, and they have always been very responsive. I have gotten to know Steve Howard, the owner, over the past 30 years. I trust the company and the people that work there.”

RMH Systems designed a layout including cantilever rack and rollout sheet rack systems. The cantilever rack allowed M3 to store a variety of load sizes and shapes in an easy to access way. The rollout sheet rack system was designed to help M3 store their sheet metal in a more organized fashion.

To promote efficiency, RMH Systems designed and installed three Gorbel jib cranes, electric hoists, and Anver vacuum lifters with the rollout sheet rack system and in the weld cell as well as Hytrol gravity conveyors in the cutting cell.


RMH Systems was able to create a custom rack storage system that increased floor space by 30%. The increased floor space created enough square footage for additional weld cells.

The productivity of the welding teams increased significantly because they were now able to easily move their equipment from side to side without much effort, materials were moved in and out of the cells much more efficiently, and the weld cells were also made safer.

“The trust factor has always been there with RMH Systems. RMH always finds a solution. They’ve been in business a long time, and know what they are talking about. RMH Systems is a class act.”

-Jack Boatman, M3 Fabrication & Powder Coating

Warehouse post-installation Cantilever Rack System

Crane w/Anver Lifter off rollout rack Lifter pulling sheet metal off rollout rack