Improving End-of-Line Packaging


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Improving end of the line packaging is a constant battle that companies are always looking to improve. The BEL-505 is a semi-automatic case former designed to help customers solve this problem. The BEL-505 forms the bottom layer of a case allowing the operator to pack the case with both hands. This machine is a very good option for those companies that are case packaging in very small work areas.

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The BEL-505 is a semi-automatic case former designed to improve operator efficiency by folding the bottom four flaps of a RSC style case and securing it, thus allowing the operator use of both hands to pack/fill the case. The BEL-505 is free standing and can be bolted directly to a Wexxar case sealer or just about any other case sealer in the market. The BEL-505 is run completely off of plant air and its stainless steel construction makes it ideal for washdown environments.

The BEL-505 has several different makes/models therefore it has several different case ranges to meet customer’s demand – below is a chart showing the different case ranges.

*Custom machines can be made
RMH Systems has placed several of these machines in customer’s facilities over the years. They have proven to be a reliable workhorses for customers and are a great option for customers who are looking to improve operator efficiency and case throughput.

We purchased the BEL-505 two years ago and since then this one machine has allowed us to reduce labor and increase our case throughput. The BEL-505 has proved to be such a reliable machine that we purchased two more for our other bottling lines

Operations Manager – Local Honey Manufacturer