How Implementing a Customized Storage Solution Helped an Automotive Part Manufacturer Buy More Efficiently


The client is a nationwide automotive part manufacturer based in Litchfield, IL. The client has over 20 warehouses, which housed all of their parts and materials. This was RMH Systems’ first project with this client, but they have said they will be doing more business with RMH Systems in the future.


The Problem

The client was running out of space in their warehouses. Purchasing new material was increasingly difficult due to the lack of storage space available. They had to buy material in smaller quantities, which made buying from the manufacturer impossible. The lack of space meant that they had to order small quantities frequently because they could not store as much excess material, so the cost of shipping was increasing as well.


The Solution

The client purchased a new building to consolidate its warehouse automation. Then, RMH Systems designed and implemented a racking and storage system specifically for the new warehouse. The system filled their entire warehouse, and essentially doubled the amount of storage space available. RMH Systems racking engineers worked together with the client to custom build the system to fit their specific needs and fit perfectly into their new space.


The Result

The storage system provided a lot of extra space for the client. The client was able to begin buying more efficiently thanks to all of the additional storage space they now had. They were able to buy their materials in bulk, to help decrease their costs. Additionally, they were able to buy straight from the manufacturer which would cut down on shipping costs. Neither of these purchasing activities were possible before their new storage system was implemented.

If you are looking to implement a racking and storage system in your new or existing warehouse, we would love to hear from you. We have a team of experts ready to begin designing a custom racking and storage solution just for you.