Solving Ergonomic and Productivity Issues

Company Description

This case study details a seed company located in Iowa that develops, produces and sells high-yielding seeds.


Initially, a forklift would bring pallets of product to a worker’s area where they would then unpack and move individual boxes to a conveyor, then to workbenches for testing and finally back to large containers or pallets for repackaging. These boxes could weigh up to 70 lbs. each.

Therefore, the customer needed a solution that would improve productivity and the ergonomic environment, including eliminating operator stress and fatigue from lifting heavy boxes all day that caused slowdowns in production and frequent back problems.

RMH Systems Solution

Knowing that RMH Systems has the reputation of being one of the most experienced and reliable material handling distributors in Iowa with expertise in ergonomic equipment, this company turned to RMH Systems and sales engineer Gary McCall to be their solution provider. After listening to the customer’s needs, a recommendation of a 500 lb. capacity freestanding workstation crane, 165 lb. capacity Q series G-force lifter with remote sensing hub, and an integrated AIMCO vacuum lifting tool was suggested and implemented.


Due to the force sensing handle and vacuum tooling attachment in combination with the G-force and Workstation crane workers can now lift and move boxes with ease efficiently throughout the day.

Additionally, no back issues and fatigue have been reported by the workers since the implementation of the solution.