Easy Arm Handles Dusty Environment at Paper Product Manufacturer


Company Description: A manufacturer of paper products was using air balancers to change out roll cores in their plant. Multiple times each day, workers were required to remove the 50lb. cores from one roll and transfer them to another. Not only was the process difficult because of the weight and handling of the cores, but the constant paper dust in the air added to their problems. The dust in the air was clogging the valve assemblies on the air balancers and causing them to become unstable. The repeated break downs of the air balancers resulted in increasingly slow productivity.

Dusty environment was clogging the air balancers
Slow productivity when balancers were down

RMH Systems Solution:
165lb. Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Device

Switching to the Easy Arm instead of the old overhead bridge and air balancers has enabled the production process to run smoother and increased productivity due to the reliability of the equipment in the dust filled environment. The workers response to the Easy Arm has been extremely positive. They like that the Easy Arm’s span at 14’ was able to reach all of the rolls while being easy to maneuver. The system provides the workers with superior control during the core changing process, and they really like the ease of use when in “float” mode. The company is very happy with the increase in productivity and the fact that the new equipment is able to handle the dust filled work cell with superior efficiency.