Custom Lift Keeps Construction on Schedule

Company Description

A major US construction firm.

What was the objective of the project? List any challenges that needed to be overcome.

Our customer needed a custom lift that could lift and place 400+ very large custom aluminum hand rails into their proper location on multiple floors quickly and safely in the new StratCom HQ at the Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue, Nebraska. The issue they were having was that the lift needed to be very portable and have a small footprint to be able to fit through standard door ways and office aisles. It needed to be designed and fabricated to specifically do what they needed. This involved more than just providing a product. Also, they had to fit it into their budget. And additionally, they were on a short lead time. They needed this built right away to keep their project on schedule.

What was the most important reason for them choosing RMH Systems?

We were able to work with them to build the exact custom lift they needed and we were able to come in under budget for them. We were also able to get the project turned around in 3 weeks. We also supplied weights and load test certification for the entire lift assembly.

What was the end result?

We allowed our customer to handle railings safely, with less man power and within installation schedule.

Customer Review

“This was the perfect tool for the job. ASACE Staff approved and liked the machine a lot.” – Senior Scheduler of major US Construction Firm