Continuous Lift Machine Helps Transport Products More Efficiently


Company Description

We recently worked with Tri Fab to help a customer transport their products into their distribution center in the most efficient way possible. We helped develop a way of moving their finished, boxed products from manufacturing by vertically conveying them up, then discharging them onto a conveyor which takes them across the street via an elevated tunnel into their distribution center.

To get the job done, we used a Model 120 Continuous Lift. This machine will handle up to 3,000 pound loads. Product is being loaded via conveyor every 10 seconds. This machine is the second to the largest continuous lift Tri-Fab builds. Their continuous lifts can handle product weighing 5 pounds to 5,000 pounds.

Most Lifts and Dispenser/Stacker can be shipped as a complete unit (if possible) for ease of installation. ALL machines are tested in their shop before a customer receives them. All machines are completely wired to be a “stand alone” unit, or if customer prefers they can wire everything to a junction box.

There are 6 models depending on the product size and weight. Through put rates can be as high as 40 per minute. Loading and discharging in a “Z” pattern.

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