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Hoists are lifting and pulling devices that use some form of line to move or lift a load. Industrial hoists are primarily used for vertical lifting. There are a number of standard specs to keep in mind when selecting a hoist for an application including load capacity, lift length, maximum lift speed, and whether a pulley block is needed. We can provide any hoist solution for your application.

Electric Chain Hoists

Designed to maximize productivity — easy operation and compact design. 1 to 5 ton options.

Electric Powered Chain Hoists

All models include low headroom, lightweight body, thermal motor protection, and a count hour meter.

Air Powered Chain Hoists

Proven durability with all the power required for lifting heavy materials in extreme applications.

Manual Chain Hoists

Easy operation with low headroom design — use them horizontally, vertically, inverted or at any load angle.

Powered Wire Rope Hoists

Hoist trolley system that raises the position of the hoist hook between the crane & girders for highest vertical lift.

Complete Crane Systems

Built for the most demanding applications that meet all industry/regulatory standards.


We offer a number of trolly options — geared or manual. 1/2 ton to 40-ton capacities.


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