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Boltless Pallet Rack

We offer boltless structural pallet racks in a wide variety of sizes and capacities with many sizes available for 48 hour quick ship. We recommend you contact us during the planning stages to make certain the correct rack is chosen for your application.

Our Vendors
We are proud vendors of Steel King pallet rack

  • SK2000® Boltless Pallet Rack

    SK2000® retains the industry standard “tear-drop” connection, and is in fact interchangeable with the majority of industrial storage rack systems in use today. However, a closed tubular column shape is utilized.

    There are a number of things to consider when trying to choose the best storage rack solution for your warehouse.  Please fill out the quote information below for a free consult with an expert! 





    Additional Information

    Independent engineering tests have confirmed that SK2000® is:

    • 250% more frontal impact strength than a comparable open back column.
    • 44 times more torsional strength (resistance to twisting)
    • 68% more side impact resistance
    • Three rivet connection with 26% greater strength than two rivets
    • High strength closed tubes for frame braces and step beams
    • Powder Coat Finish - 12 Standard Colors
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