Warehouse Storage

Warehouse managers are always looking for ways to better manage their space. More space means more inventory, a smoother workflow, and greater productivity overall. When improving your warehouse’s storage capacity, options like expanding your physical space or moving to a different location usually come to mind first.

Unfortunately, these options aren’t always efficient or cost-effective. How do you increase your space without pouring time and money into construction or relocation? Learn how to improve warehouse storage without expanding with these scalable, effective solutions.

Look For Existing Inefficiencies

The first step to changing any part of your warehouse is to review your existing system and look for areas that you can improve. Look for physical spaces, employee practices, or other details that you can easily identify and address. These serve as easy first steps to begin the process of improving your space.

One common inefficiency to improve is too much overstock or unmoving products. Excessive static materials and products can be a major waste of space, especially when you don’t know when you’ll use them again.

Consider Height and Depth

Rethinking your pallet racks and other warehouse storage equipment can help you make the most of your existing space. Start by considering the depth of your current racking. Is it possible to expand with double-deep pallet racks or a similar solution?

Height is another potential area of improvement. If you can’t expand horizontally, see if you can move vertically instead. Consider the space above your loads and work areas and see if there’s room to expand with vertical racking solutions.

Look At Mezzanine Options

One of the most significant ways to improve warehouse storage without expanding is to implement a mezzanine. If you have the space for a mezzanine in your building layout, you can add an entire level of storage and workspace to your warehouse. Mezzanines are an effective way to make the most of your entire warehouse space so that you can maintain an efficient and productive workflow.

Optimizing your space means analyzing your layout and looking for a custom solution that works for you. The experts at RMH Systems can help design, engineer, and implement a storage solution that enhances your space. Visit RMH Systems today to learn more about our systems and we can help your warehouse reach its greatest potential.