In this new ‘Socially Distant’ world, companies have been scrambling to find solutions that can simultaneously keep their processes running while keeping their employees safe. Many production lines include order fulfillment, assembly, or packaging processes that require people, but can pose new health risks as we try to adhere to CDC guidelines.

Companies like RMH Systems have outlined some conveyor systems that can help companies solve these problems. Here are some ways companies can keep their production going, while providing a safe environment for their employees.

Accumulation Conveyor

Conveyor moves product through a facility, workstation to workstation, with little to no human interaction. Accumulation conveyor moves and accumulates product safely in certain spots throughout production and distribution. It’s programmed to move on ready, further decreasing the need for human intervention. Hytrol’s E24EZ conveyor with EZLogic technology is an affordable and simple solution to take advantage of conveyor accumulation capabilities from any device in your facility.


Sweep sorters automate the sorting of small items into separate bins or boxes. Sorters eliminate the need for long pick lines where employees may not be able to maintain the CDC recommended 6-ft of distance. The ProSort SS from Hytrol is a good example of a sweep sorter that can be used on a wide variety of belted conveyors.

Warehouse Control Systems

Warehouse control systems offer autonomy in many facets of the material handling and packaging process. Tracking inventory, tracking product labels, and product weighing are all human-based processes that can be accomplished with the implementation of a “one-stop-shop” warehouse control system.

COVID-19 will undoubtedly change the approach companies take in production and distribution moving forward. We will always need a workforce to keep things running, but more companies will be looking for automation to create stability in preparation for the next outbreak to keep their staff and output safe.

RMH Systems works closely with companies like Hytrol to offer our clients the best of the best in all of our divisions. If you are looking to implement a warehouse conveyor system or any of the systems outlined above, or want to learn how else you can improve your production we want to hear from you. Fill out the contact us form here, or call us toll free at 800.851.4995.

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