One of the biggest blows to your warehouse’s efficiency is travel time. Travel time is the amount of time your employees spend traveling throughout your warehouse, often in order to pick up products for orders and deliver them to a shipping station. The more time they spend traveling through your space, the more productivity you lose and the more it costs you to get that order out the door. Something like our Chicago conveyor systems can help reduce travel time by moving the product for your employees, allowing them to move on to the next task.

Instead of burning human energy moving products or shipping containers through your warehouse, a conveyor system moves them for you. Employees can stay in place and focus on their next order while the items move on to the next area. This can be an especially useful system for zone-picking methods, where orders need to move through several zones in order to be completed. It’s also a great way to move completed orders out of the pick area and into the packing and shipping zone.

If you are interested in reducing travel time and costs while increasing productivity, give RMH Systems a call. We’d love to talk to you about your need for our Chicago conveyor systems and show you case studies where we’ve helped warehouses like yours put them to good use. Our project management team can put together a quote for you regarding costs, downtime for installation, and other factors you’ll want to know about, and you’ll find our team is thorough in our evaluation. We may be able to help you find other productivity boosters as well! Get in touch with us today.