For many warehouses, installing a mezzanine level is an ideal way to create more square footage inside your warehouse with an expensive addition. Unfortunately, though, it’s not the perfect solution for every warehouse. Some spaces don’t have high enough ceilings or local building codes don’t allow them to put in a mezzanine level. Whatever the reason, you aren’t stuck in a cramped space; there are alternative ways to make more room inside your warehouse:

  • Look up. Even if you can’t install a mezzanine floor, you may be able to add more shelving to your current setup. Consider adding another level of industrial shelves for more storage space.
  • Rethink your current setup. Are you using the space as efficiently as possible? Maybe instead of selective pallet shelves, you’d be better off with drive-through pallet shelving. Consider alternative shelving types, as the investment may be less expensive than moving.
  • Use each space as efficiently as possible. Invest in bins, cabinets, and other organizational equipment to help you maximize the storage space of every shelf in your warehouse.

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