What is Automated Machine Tending?

In the workforce today, finding qualified workers is becoming harder and harder, which is why companies are beginning to introduce robots into their facilities.

One application in many facilities is machine tending, where an operator loads raw material continuously into a machine tool, executes its program, and then removes each finished part until that particular production job is complete.  This work/job can be dangerous and repetitive which can put a strain on a company’s human workforce.  This is why companies are turning to automated machine tending.

Automated machine tending refers to the integration of a robot into a machine tending application for the purpose of loading and unloading the machine tool without the intervention of an operator.  Once the machine tool is loaded, the program is restarted automatically by the robot.

By integrating robotics into machine tending, you are:

  1. Keeping your workers out of potentially unsafe work environments, which can end up costing your company money and cause delays in your production.
  2. Increasing your production, which will make your company more profitable.
  3. Reducing your labor costs, which directly affects your bottom line.

Additionally, automated machine tending provides companies with an added measure of consistency and accuracy. Accuracy helps ensure that companies are manufacturing identical products of equal quality. Consistency provides companies with the peace of mind that each product that leaves their shop meets their qualifications which helps to cut down on the number of products that leave the shop unfinished

Do you have trouble finding quality labor?

Do you have repetitive processes?

Do you have dangerous operations?

Do you need help with consistency?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above give us a call, we have a full in-house robotics team waiting to help you.

*images courtesy of FANUC America*

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