If you have the product and you have the manpower, why do you have an order backlog? If your Wisconsin warehouse is struggling to meet the growing demands of your customers even through your pallet shelves are full, it’s time to look at ways to increase your efficiency and output. Consider these potentially problematic areas and their solutions:

  • How far do your employees have to travel to pick items on the order form? Can that distance be shortened? You can often shorten the distance traveled to fulfill an order with simple restructuring of where you are putting items on the pallet shelves in your Wisconsin warehouse. Place items which are ordered often at the front of the warehouse, and less frequently ordered items towards the back. You may also consider entering a conveyor belt system to move product from the warehouse to the shipping area, cutting down on how far employees need to walk. The additional benefit is that employees can work on gathering other items or focus on other tasks while the products are in transit.
  • What kind of automation are we using? Are there areas we are utilizing manpower that could be just as easily done by a machine? This is a more complicated area to consider, especially if you aren’t familiar with what’s possible in today’s modern warehouse. Seek the advice of an expert in this area. They’ll be able to point you to solution that can free your employees from needless tasks and help them increase their production.

Need help looking at these areas? Our team can help. We offer everything your warehouse needs, from pallet shelves to warehouse design, inspections, and more. Give us a call today and let’s find the reasons for your order backlogs and the solutions to fix them.