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Carton Flow Rack

Our carton flow rack systems for sale offer high capacity and high durability. There are a variety of custom sizes and configurations available. Please Contact us to speak with an engineer and design your rack solution today.

Our Vendors
We are proud vendors of Steel King and Unex carton flow rack.

  • Carton Flow Bed

    Flow Bed creates a full bed level of carton flow. This provides maximum flexibility to place product in any location within the carton flow system without changing/moving equipment. Flow Bed’s drop-in design fits into any pallet rack structure making it easy to convert from static to dynamic storage delivering all the benefits of carton flow.


  • Singled Lane Carton Flow Rack

    RMH Systems offers a single lane carton flow rack.  These sections can be added to any new or existing pallet rack, spanning and supported by the pallet rack beams. This takes advantage of the strength of the rack structure and makes maximum use of rack capacity since no shelves or intermediate supports are needed, as is the case with plastic wheel track.



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    A variety of dimensions and configurations available.  Please fill out form below to speak with an engineer.

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