Production managers across the country struggle with hitting production numbers. One of the main reasons for delayed production is the inability to weigh product on the line at a high speed without compromising accuracy. RMH Systems has a product line that can eliminate that issue. The Thompson checkweighers are high-speed, high-capacity scales that can help your line get the output you need with accurate weight measurements on EVERY product.

According to General Manager for Scales, Craig Howard, “the Thompson checkweighers are great because they can accurately weigh a lot of product at varying weights and speeds. Many scales out there can give you one or the other.”

Application Grid

Capacity1 to 200 lb.1 to 50 lb..1 to 20 lb..1 to 12 lb.
Accuracy+/- .05 lb. @ 2 sigma +/-.1%+/- .02 lb. @ 2 sigma +/-.1%+/- 1g @ 2 sigma +/-.1%+/- .35g @ 2 sigma +/-.1%
Production Rates50/minute65/minute200/minute350/minute
Package Typebag, box, pail, drumbag, box, pail, drumFlexible packages; pouch, bag, etc.Rigid packages; cans, bottles, jugs
ApplicationIndustrial & institutional bagged product;

Concrete, grain, chemical, etc.

Fullfillment, manifest, produce, bakery,

chemical, food

Food, consumer products, flex FFS,

parts count/verify, etc

Canning, bottling, printing,

pharmaceutical, trays, food, parts

There’s really an option for any application. The Thompson Scales are reasonably priced, and their payback is quick. You’re cutting into your profit margins with every product that isn’t accurately weighed on the line. There are food-grade, stainless steel options as well.

Click here to see a video of a Thompson checkweigher in action.

Give Craig a call today to learn more about your checkweighing options.