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Wicketted Bag Fill/Seal

We offer a wide a variety of Wicketted Bag Fillers And Sealers for all of your packaging neeeds. Contact us to discuss your packaging solutions today.

  • JMC Wicketted Bagging and Sealing System

    A fully automatic, integrated bagging and sealing system designed for use with most types of pre-made poly and laminated bags. Will fill the desirable “press to close” zipper, and slider type bags. The system can be fed by hand, or can be integrated with most types of feeder devices including scales, volumetrics, and bowl feeders. The bag is automatically opened, filled, sealed, and coded (if equipped with the optional coder). The finished bag is then dropped onto the takeaway conveyor. The uniquely designed sealhead provides a nice seal, while allowing for a compact footprint.

  • Ohlson Pouch Machine

    Our powerful horizontal pouch bagging machines provide automatic bag filling and sealing for the increasingly popular premade pouches.

    Additional Information

    • Bag type – Doy or 3 Side Seal
    • Bag Width – (3.9” to 9.85”)
    • Bag Length – (5.5” to 13.4”)
    • Max Fill Weight – 4.50 lbs
    • Bag Closure – Heat & Pressure
    • Power Supply – 240 Vac Single Phase
    • Air Consumption – 200 lbs/min 7.0 CFM
    • Power Consumption – 1.2 Kw
    • Max Speed – 18 Packs/min
    • Size (H) x (W) x (L) – 48” x 20” (50” with Takeoff Conveyor) x 67”
    • Weight – 450 lbs
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