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Vertical Bagging Eqp.

We offer a wide a variety of Vertical Bagging Machinery for all of your packaging neeeds. Contact us to discuss your packaging solutions today.

  • RENNCO E-Pac Packager

    The RENNCO E-Pac Packager, is an all electric, versatile, easy to use vertical packager featuring servo motor drives for film feed and seal assembly open/close. As with all Rennco packaging machinery, this model is equipped with our constantly heated, coated seal bar sealing assembly for smokeless, odorless sealing of polyethylene and polyolefin films.

    The E-Pac makes a bag around a product using centerfolded polyethylene, polyolefin, or PVC roll stock. Because of the vertical film path, this machine is ideal for cylindrical items, odd shaped products, and kit packaging.

    All E-Pac machine functions (bag length, seal opening, heater settings, dwell time, etc.) are controlled from the operator interface panel. The E-Pac is supplied with a light screen cycling system, lexan interlocked perimeter guarding, adjustable seal assembly opening from 2″ to 7″, air evacuation perforation, 5″ diameter locking casters, and load height adjustment from 32″ to 38″.

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