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Tote Boxes & Bins

Choose from a wide range of tote bins and boxes for every application. For more information about tote boxes and bins, contact us.

  • Divided Boxes – Plastic

    Divided Boxes can organize even the smallest items in work areas. They easily hold contents of many sizes and shapes. They are compatible with most racks, shelving and material handling equipment.

    Additional Information

    • Available in vented and solid styles
    • Stackable
    • Easy to use with conveyorsCan be adjusted to handle various sizes down to a 1” opening
    • Optional dividers are .250 thick
    • 200 lb. Capacity
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  • Nesting & Stacking Bins – Plastic

    Nesting & Stacking Bins expand storage space without adding shelving. Choose from a wide range of styles for every application.

    Additional Information

    • Sturdy one-piece construction is water, rust and corrosion proof
    • Generous opening allows easy access to stored items
    • Available in 5 sizes and 2 colors
    • Long label area accommodates long bar codes
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  • Tote Boxes – Plastic

    Choose from a wide range of styles for every application including manufacturing, shipping and storage, organizing workstations for parts picking and assembly operations.

    Additional Information

    • Lightweight and stackable
    • Great replacement for steel containers
    • Vented and unvented styles
    • Available in black, green, blue and yellow
    • 150 lb. Capacity
    See Complete Specifications

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