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Soft Product Banding/Bundling

For products that would be damaged from conventional straps, we can offer an excellent alternative. Felins banders apply a soft, wide profile band that is very effective for unitizing printed matter, consumer goods, and other loose product. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

  • Non-Metallic Strapping Systems

    Woven polyester and composite cord strapping systems from Redback. A safe alternative to steel banding. This strapping is ideal for securing heavy loads, bundled loads, and irregular shaped objects. This strapping is designated AAR-39 and meets or exceeds AAR and ASTM requirements.



  • Felins Automatic Banding Machines

    US-2000 Ultra Sonic Banding Machine is an industrial duty automatic banding system designed for commercial use with paper, clear film and ribbon film banding materials in width ranging from 15mm to 100mm. The paper banding machine is available in many different sizes

    Additional Information

    • Adjustable tension control
    • Unitizes small and large products
    • Efficient and easy banding operation
    • Large roll dispenser
    • No damage to product edges
    • Uses non-polluting materials
    • Uses printable materials
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