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Skin Packagers - Inline Automatic

High Speed skin packaging can be achieved using inline equipment. These machines can use rolled card material and integral die cutters. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

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Feel free to visit Ampack Packaging and MDA Packaging for additional specifications and details.

  • 15 ST Seal & Trim

    The model 15-ST is a conveyor type machine designed for high volume production of packages requiring simultaneous sealing and hydraulic trimming. A pre-formed multiple #-up blister sheet is typically used with cardstock, Tyvek, foil, medical paper and many other types of lidstock, sealed and trimmed into individual packages in one step. The 15-ST is available in various lengths (for additional product loaders) and with numerous options to custom tailor a system to meet almost any requirement. Typical applications include hardware products, medical packages/trays, surgical instrument packs, unit dose packs, pill packs, portion packs, etc.

    Quick-change seal & trim tools may be manufactured from maple die board, phenolic or aluminum depending upon application requirements. The tooling features a seal pad to seal the lidstock to the blister, combined with steel rule dies to die cut into individual packages, or perf rule can be used to produce perforations between the parts for tear-apart later.

    Additional Information

    • Seal & trim in one operation
    • Ideal for small packages; since this machine eliminates multiple handling of individual cards and blisters
    • Card, Tyvek, foils, paper and film lidstocks may be used
    • Automatic finished package discharge
    • Compact self-contained hydraulic system
    • Automatic master card and blister feeders available
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  • Duramatic Automatic Skin/Die Packaging System

    The Ampak Duramatic Automatic Skin Packaging System is a fully intergrated flexible system with a unique pin register system for precise indexing throughout operation. It is custom designed to your optimal sheet size, eliminating waste and runs up to 12 cycles per minute.

    Additional Information

    • Adjustable double film roll holders simplify film changes
    • Ceramic infra-red heaters with ten seperately adjustable zones
    • Product "Out-Of- Position" detector prevents damage to products and dies
    • 80 ton die cutter with shelf style die mounting for fast changeover
    See Complete Specifications

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