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Shrink Film

Light Gauge Shrink Film ensures consistently strong seals over the broadest range of temperatures. Provides excellent slip characteristics, conforms easily to irregular shaped products and provides superior clarity and gloss for retail presentation. All Shrink films below are available in 45 gauge as well as other gauges. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

  • HSL High Slip Shrink Film

    Gives you maximum hot and cold “slip” performance with IPG’s proprietary resin formulation, ensuring high speed packing, insertion and automation. HSL’s low shrink initiation increases packaging speeds that optimize your production.

    Additional Information

    • Excellent optics
    • Consistently strong static seals
    • Exceptional tensile strength
    • Tear resistance
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  • HSP High Speed Shrink Film

    A fast sealing film, allowing for short dwell times that maximize production, increasing plant efficiency. HSP also provides exceptional tensile strength, tear resistance and superior optics while delivering quality seals.

    Additional Information

    • Exceptional tensile strength
    • Excellent tear resistance
    • Superior optics
    • Maximize production
    • Increase plant efficiency
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  • LTF Light Force Shrink Film

    Features an exceptionally high percent of shrinkage (80%) with excellent optics. LTF provides consistently strong seals and conforms easily to irregular shapes without crushing or distorting the product. Unlike PVC, Exlfilmplus™ LTF is user friendly and non-corrosive.

    Additional Information

    • Excellent shrinkage
    • Conforms to regular shapes w/out crushing or distortion
    • User friendly
    • Non-corrosive
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  • LTG Light Gauge Shrink Film

    The “original” light gauge shrink with its unique formulation, is 25% thinner than other traditional shrink films on the market. If you want excellent performance at a lighter gauge and substantial cost savings, LTG is the film of choice! Ideally replaces competitive 60 gauge polyolefin.

    Additional Information

    • Replaces competitve 60 guage polyolefin
    • Substantial cost savings
    • 25% thinner than traditional shrink films
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