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Shrink Bundling

One of the many types of packaging materials we offer is shrink film. One of the more popular types of shrink films we offer is shrink bundling film. Shrink bundling film is usually intended for applications where toughness and puncture resistance are important. As such, shrink bundling film is produced in gauges ranging from 1 to 4 mil. Often the slip characteristics of the film are also specified.

Uses of shrink bundling film include:

  • the shrink bundling of doors and windows
  • building materials

Some of the more common uses are the bundling of cases of soda and water for sale in bulk quantities. Shrink bundling film is commonly used with automated packaging equipment with integral heat tunnels. The shrink rates are usually less than that of thin retail films. Contact us for more information.

  • Single Wound Polyethylene Shrink Bundling Film

    Shrink Bundling films are typically used to unitize loose products such as canned goods, bottles, building materials, paper and other bulk containers or products. These products can be unsupported or placed in trays or partial cases. Shrink bundling is becoming very popular due to savings found in reducing corrugated or other container substrates.

    Additional Information

    • Superior toughness
    • Excellent clarity
    • Exceptional sealability
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