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Portable Rack

We feature Steel King’s StacKing rack — one of the best portable stacking racks around. StacKing rack’s tubular steel base acts as its own pallet, eliminating costs and disposal headaches associated with wood pallets. Contact us to design your portable racking system today.

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  • Portable Rack

    Portable rack eliminates the need to purchase, lease, repair, and / or dispose of traditional wood pallets. Vertical posts allow the racks to be stacked several units high, without load-on-load contact. Compared to simple wood pallets, this can eliminate product crushing damage. More overhead space can be used, more safely, and with less product damage.





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  • Specialty Racks – Custom Mandrel

    We work with fabricators that can create customized rack to fit your needs.  The example below is a rendering of a custom mandrel.



  • Pin Rack

    A relatively standard can be customized with a double-level sheet metal deck. The sheet metal is perforated to accept drop-in “pins,” which allows the user to contain parts on the rack, even if their shape varies. This rack is ideal for handling steel stampings, blanks, or other flat goods


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