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Paper Systems

Storopack offers PAPERplus systems and materials for many applications. A paper roll is formed into an effective pad that can be used for cushioning, void fill, blocking and bracing. Contact us to find your packaging solution today.

  • Paper Systems

    Paperplus systems provide the versatility that makes them easy to integrate into any configuration. The flexibility of Paperplus packaging provides optimized cushioning and maximum safety for goods in transit. The systems are available in various configurations, all designed for seamless integration into production processes.

    Additional Information

    • Paperplus is safe - the unique compression technique means added volume. Paperplus cushions boast up to 30% more cushioning volume and higher compressive strength than other paper systems.
    • Paperplus cushions protect, lock and brace reliably and durably.
    • Paperplus adapts to fit - extreme flexibility is coupled with high strength, so any product is easy to package in Storopack paper cushions.
    • Paperplus is simplicity itself - Paperplus machines and systems are easy to use and easy to load.
    • Paperplus is both reusable and recyclable.
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