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Overhead Conveyor

Overhead Conveyor solutions are an efficient and affordable way to utilize the above floor area. Overhead Conveyors free up valuable floor space while boosting production efficiency. Contact us to find your overhead conveyor solution today.

Our Vendors
Feel free to visit Jervis WebbOmni Metalcraft Corp. and Richards Wilcox for additional specifications and details.

  • OveR-Way™ Power & Free Conveyors

    OveR-Way™ conveyors combine power and free flexibility with a heavy duty over and under configuration. Utilizing the time proven effectiveness of Zig-Zag, power conveyors and the durability of two 3″ toe-to-toe load channels, OveR-Way™ is the ideal high-capacity solution for transporting and storing work in process.

    Manufactured and stocked in modular components. OveR-Way™ is pre-welded at the factory to ensure unparalleled precision and quick turnaround on fast-track projects.

    Additional Information

    • Controls Production Rates: optimizes production by ensuring that the right parts arrive at the correct operations in a continuous flow, especially when rates of production differ between operations
    • Maintains Qualitys: eliminates needless production rehandling and manual transporting by accomplishing finishing and/or assembly processes with a single material handling system
    • Boosts Efficiency: maintains a traveling record of work-in-progress, logging information on where product has been and where defects may have occurred
    • Creates Usable Space: frees up valuable floor space by organizing product flow and efficiently utilizing available space overhead
    • Protects Product and Parts: uses an enclosed track that prevents contaminants from falling onto the product and prolongs chain life
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