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Liquid Adhesive Application

RMH Systems can help design and specify systems to apply liquid adhesives to various substrates, including cartons, sheets, palletized cases, etc.  Contact us to discuss your packaging solutions today.

  • LOCK n’ POP Palletizing Adhesive

    If you use stretch wrap or hot melt to secure your palletized boxes, it’s time you learned about Lock n’ Pop. Stronger than stretch wrap alone, and safer than hot melt, it’s better for your packages, the environment and your bottom line. Lock n’ Pop comes in a variety of formulas to help you “Get a Grip.” No matter what type of package or surface type, and regardless of temperature or humidity, our formulas reduce and often eliminate the need for stretch wrap, dunnage, hot melt and anti-skid bags.

    Lock n’ Pop applicators are compact, low-cost, easy to use and nearly maintenance free. They come in various convenient designs to cover any situation – whether you move a thousand pallets a month, or only a few.

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