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Label Printers/Applicators

We offer label printers, applicators, and print/apply systems to help you label your products with text, graphics, bar codes and RFID information. Contact us to discuss your packaging solutions today.

  • PLS110

    The PLS110 labeling system offers a value proposition not seen in other “entry level” labelers. It is a feature rich system used for applying preprinted, decorative labels to products, cartons, cases, pallets, and totes. With its plate aluminum chassis, PLC controller, and remote mount interface, this system delivers an unparalleled value proposition with many standard features that are only options on other systems. Its many features and robust design, coupled with a compact footprint make it the perfect choice for most label application needs.

    Additional Information

    •  PLC controlled
    • Remotely mounted operator interface
    • 4-line, backlit Interface with tactile keys • 24”per second dispense speed
    • Peel-tip label sensing
    • One-button “Teach” label gap sensor
    • Accurate to +/- 1/64”
    • Plate aluminum construction
    • Fully enclosed chassis
    • Most components “off-the-shelf”
    • 12.25” OD Label Supply on 3” ID core
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  • Model 2600 Series Label Printer-Applicator

    These sturdy, self-contained units combine a high-density thermal/thermal-transfer label printer with an automatic label applicator to simultaneously print and apply pressure-sensitive labels to the tops, bottoms or sides of products right along the conveyor line.

  • Automatic Label Applicators

    We also offer a complete line of automatic label applicators, which rapidly apply preprinted pressure-sensitive labels to all types of products and cartons. One system even encodes and applies RFID smart labels. Each model is uniquely designed to address specific labeling requirements.

    Additional Information

    • High-speed application rates programmable up to 2000 linear inches of label web/min.
    • Advanced stepper-motor technology and peel-tip sensing
    • Non-contact (tamp-blow or air-blow) or gentle-contact (wipe-on) methods of application
    • Exceptional placement accuracy
    • Easy maintenance and unsupervised operation functions
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  • Label Printers & Applicators

    Our selection of thermal-transfer, direct-thermal, and impact systems offers label printing solutions for virtually any application.

    Our printers and printer/encoders permit the printing of high-quality bar codes, text, RFID and graphic images in demand and batch modes.

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