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Intelligent Lifting Equipment

Intelligent Lifting Equipment improves productivity while reducing the potential of workplace injury creating a more profitable and efficient work environment. Contact us for more information about specialty lift devices.

  • Free Standing Easy Arm

    The G-Force and Easy Arm move with the operator. They are ideal for applications that require high speed at some points in the cycle and slow, precise movements at other points. Gorbel’s G-Force is more precise that hoists, more responsive than air balancers, their bridge crane mounted G-Force unites improve safety, productivity and quality, resulting in a direct increase to your bottom line.

    Additional Information

    • Capacities: 165 & 330 lbs.
    • Spans from 6' to 14'
    • Height under hook of 6'-11'
    • Speeds up to 150 ft. per minute
    • Cost effective turnkey solution
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  • G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device

    This intelligent lifting device is computer-controlled to enable a worker to lift loads and manipulate objects like they are an extension of their own arm. Ideal for manufacturing, distribution, medical and assembly industries, the Gorbel’s G-Force is designed for applications that demand high-cycle lifting or very precise positioning of loads up to 150 lbs. The unit, which senses the speed of an operator’s movement and adjusts accordingly, increases a worker’s physical power by supplementing mechanical power to the lifting task.

    Makes any load up to 150 lbs. feel like it weighs only 3 lbs.

    Additional Information

    • Follows operator movement and offers stable performance at any speed
    • Increases productivity and heightens safety in lifting applications
    • Essential for ergonomically correct lifting
    • Reduces worker fatigue and risk of long-term cumulative trauma injuries
    • Requires minimal training and is simple to use
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Maximum speed: 275 feet per minute
    • Maximum lift: 12 feet
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  • Air Balancer

    The air balancer offers a float capability making the positioning of materials easy. Balancers are ideal for applications that require relatively fast movement and accurate positioning. A hoist, on the other hand, has fixed stop positions with no float. Therefore, accuracy of positioning depends on lifting speed and operator dexterity.

    Applications particularly suited to air balancers include palletizing and stacking, pick and place, load and unload. The float capability is especially valuable for tool balancing and assembly. Air balancers increase employee productivity, reduce fatigue and alleviate the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

    Additional Information

    • Capacity: 500 lbs.
    • Air pressure: only 90 psi (6 bar) required for rated capacity
    • 100% duty cycle
    • Lost load protector
    • Lock out/Tag out device
    • Ergonomically designed handshake-style pendant control keeps wrist and thumb in neutral position
    • Can be double revved, increasing the ultimate capacity
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Intelligent Lifting Equipment Products

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