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Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal

Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Wrappers create attractive sealed products and can wrap any product. Form, Fill & Seal refers to a method of packaging in which film is formed into a bag while being filled with product and is then sealed to a finished package. There are many types of horizontal wrappers, and they are available with many speed and product handling options. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

We are proud vendors of Hugo Beck and Arpac shrink wrap systems.

  • High Speed Horizontal Seal System

    We have a number of solutions for horizontal automatic shrink wrapping systems.  Below you will find Arpac’s high speed seal system.


    high speed horizontal

  • Continuous Motion Horizontal Shrink System

    We have a number of solutions for automatic horizontal shrink wrapping systems.  Below you will find Arpac’s horizontal model.


    horizontal wrapper

  • Horizontal Shrink Tunnel

    We offer a variety of  horizontal form, fill, and seal machines.  Below you will find a few models of Hugo Beck’s horizontal shrink tunnels.

    hugo beck horizontal




    hugo beck 2

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