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Food Film & Bags

  • Form/Non Form Film

    Winpak high gloss thermoforming webs are made of technologically advanced resins that have less thermal memory resulting in thicker corners to the package. Winpak packages have superior aroma and flavor retention with UV light protection. Winpak film is compatible with all thermoforming equipment.

  • Vacuuming Bags

    Vacuum packaging refers to packaging in containers (rigid or flexible), from which substantially all air has been removed prior to final sealing of the container. This method of packaging is actually a form of “Modified and/or Controlled Atmosphere” since normal room air is removed from the package.

    Additional Information

    • Extends shelf-life
    • Aids in controlling oxidative rancidity
    • Prevents the growth of spoilage
    • Reduces moisture loss and freezer burn
    • Prevents movement of water out of product
    • Requires minimal storage space
    • Package is drawn tight around product
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