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Dock Levelers

It’s your choice-Mechanical, power-assisted or hydraulic levelers each has its advantages. Each will meet specific needs. Each has its own level of safety and performance. Matching today’s needs with the flexibility to meet the demands of tomorrow’s distribution requirements makes selecting a leveler even more complicated. For help, contact us to discuss your specific application.

Our Vendors
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  • Power Assisted Dock Levelers

    Power assisted levelers are ideal for customers whose warehouse workloads demand more performance than mechanicals can deliver, without the full power-packed performance of hydraulics. By eliminating mechanical pull chain hold-down mechanisms, adjustable lip extensions and the necessity to walk the deck down, power assisted levelers eliminate the physical demands required on mechanical levelers. They are also easier on the back resulting in fewer injuries.

    Additional Information

    • Easy and safe to operate
    • No springs or ratchets to fight
    • Counterbalance deck and lip assist
    • Lower downtime costs because there are less frequent adjustments on the hold-down assembly
    • Push-button control panel
    • High tensile steel construction
    • Manual override
    • Full range toe guards
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  • Mechanical Dock Levelers

    Our mechanical dock levelers are engineered in response to industry demands for greater safety plus increased productivity. Special controls allow the lip and deck to operate smoothly and reduces walk-down loads. Below-dock positioning is activated by a second pull-chain system located near the front of the leveler deck.

    Additional Information

    • High-tensile steel lip and deck
    • Center support channel for 3-wheel forklifts
    • Compression spring counterbalance
    • Extra heavy-duty rear hinge subframe
    • Free-floating safety legs
    • Below-dock end-loading control
    • Night lock security feature
    • Available in heavy duty capacities
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  • Hydraulic Dock Levelers

    Hydraulic dock levelers are designed for high performance and low maintenance. The gravity-fed downward bias deck does not require a hold-down and there’s no manual walk-down or pull-chain activation. The leveler stops working once it is in the stored position, eliminating continuous hold-down and counter-balance adjustments.

    Additional Information

    • Regenerative hydraulics assures smooth operation and dependable control
    • Center beam for extra strength
    • Push button switch for automatic "return to dock"
    • Practically maintenance-free since they float freely with truck movement
    • Heavy capacity levelers (60-80,000 lb.) available
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