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Cold Liquid

We carry a wide variety of cold liquid adhesives. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

  • Cold Liquid – Water Based Adhesives

    Water-based adhesives are made up of materials or compounds that can be dissolved or dispersed in water. These adhesives generally develop a bond by losing water through evaporation or penetration into the substrates. At least one substrate must be absorbent or porous in order to form a strong bond.

    Water-based adhesives come in a variety of chemistries and compositions, and can be categorized as either natural or synthetic polymers. Following is a breakdown of water-based adhesives by composition:

    Synthetic Polymers Natural Polymers
    Polyvinyl Acetate/VAE/VAA Casein
    Acrylics Dextrin/Starch
    Polychoroprene Natural Rubber Latex
    Polyurethane Dispersions

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