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Adjustable Work Benches

Customize your own workbench or select from a variety of pre-engineered kits, which include all components and accessories. These benches are perfect for assembly operations. Easy adjustability of the components helps you take advantage of ergonomic principles even between shifts. If you already have an existing work bench, check out all the options to retro-fit your bench to add ergonomic and productivity features. Contact us to create your workbench solution today.

  • Custom Work Bench Solutions

    The work bench solution you need is only steps away.

    Additional Information

    • Select a Frame: Choose from workstation or standing frames.
    • Add the Work Surface: Choose from a wide variety of work surfaces.
    • Choose an Upright: Choose an upright to support overhead or side-mounted tools, shelves and accessories.
    • Add Accessories: Choose from many accessories to tailor your workstation to your exact needs.
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