5 Must-Have Safety Items Every Warehouse Needs

Anyone who works in a warehouse knows can be a dangerous job. Forklifts, racks, pallets, and electrical equipment present a wide variety of potential hazards to people and products in the warehouse environment. Here are five must-have safety items every warehouse needs to protect workers and products that are packed, palleted, and racked. Personal Protection Equipment Depending on what kinds of products are stored and [...]

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8 Reasons a Workstation Crane Makes Your Operations More Efficient

Typically, when someone mentions an overhead crane in conversation it conjures up an image of a motor truck crane, a construction tower crane, or a heavy-duty motorized bridge crane pouring molten metal in a foundry. Workstation cranes have become a very hot topic of conversation as they have worked their way into assembly operations, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities over the last 40 years. As the [...]

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Workstation Cranes Improve Productivity and Provide a Safer Work Environment

When dealing with lifting loads, a closed track workstation crane offers a higher rate of productivity when compared to a similar I-Beam design for cranes. The amount of force required to move the bridge is far lower than what an I-Beam design would require, and for many applications, the increase in productivity rate alone can justify the cost requirements for purchasing a crane. In addition, [...]

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How Palletizing Robots Improve Production Efficiencies

A palletizing robot can help improve efficiency whether you are aiming to increase throughput on your production line, diversify your product line, or improve worker ergonomics by eliminating repetitious motion. These robots are designed to quickly and efficiently palletize products from your manufacturing process. 4 Ways Palletizing Robots Improve Production Line Throughput Safety – Ergonomic type of injuries will automatically reduce through the implementation of [...]

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Learn More About R&M’s New Hoist Watch Bluetooth Capabilities

With R&M’s Hoist Watch Bluetooth capabilities you are now able to connect to your bridge panel from your phone via Bluetooth and mobile application. This connection allows you to find fault codes and basic monitoring functions without needing to physically interact with your hoist. Connecting remotely also means you don’t need to impede on your processes and can decrease downtime immensely. Hoist Watch Bluetooth [...]

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Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) treaty to require accurate weight verification

June 8th, 2016 Waukee, IA Starting July 1st, the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) treaty will require that all containers have a verified weight certificate before being loaded on a ship. The intention is to reduce the number of accidents at sea, which are primarily caused by inaccurate container weights. The International Maritime will be enforcing the new verification [...]

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6 Steps to Help Prevent Pallet Rack Collapses

We have all seen the spectacular (sometimes humorous), but often horrifying videos of rack collapses. They’re all over YouTube. Below are six steps to look for to help prevent pallet rack collapses. Check pallet spacing Don’t place pallets too close together; this causes issues with lift truck access and makes a collapse more likely. Pallets should have adequate spacing between them not only for [...]

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Why Choose a Rigid Rail vs Wire Rope Fall Arrest System?

Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems provide shorter free-fall distances, reduced risk of secondary fall injuries such as swinging into obstacles, and no negative impact on a second worker in the event of a fall. So, in short the answer is SAFETY! Below are the four points to remember when choosing the right fall arrest system for your company. […]

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